There seemed to be very little middle area for people tweeting about Chris Brown after his performances on SNL. There were people who hated him, and people who were saying he was impregnating them with his voice and that they were crying with joy. We’re focusing on the people who made jokes.

snlFreddyAmazin: Chris Brown is making a “greatest hits” album and Rihanna will be on the cover…

ChetWild: OJ Simpson was a good football player & Charlie Manson was a good songwriter #terriblepeople RT @Buffalogal Chris brown is a good dancer

iamSir: how is it that chris brown can hit rihanna but can’t hit a note?

mikeproper: Also, “How my ladies doing tonight?” Um, cowering in fear, Chris Brown. #SNL

kellytindall: How does Chris Brown get through the day without people beating him half to death with axe handles? I hate that guy the maximum amount.

TristanBanning: So wait… Have we all forgotten that Chris Brown beat the shit outta Rihanna? His songs sound like threats & promises of violence.

lizbelsky: Yo Chris Brown, all the candles in the world aren’t going to make us forget that you like to beat up ladies.

NatashaHynes: Chris Brown singing about making love is like a fat guy in a speedo… he thinks he’s hot shit but you wanna throw up.

dprazer: Watched Robocop 3 in Spanish instead of Chris Brown on SNL. At least I know when Muphy’s about to break out in unspeakable violence.

moviemarti: Chris Brown was on “SNL” tonight. Total hit. (Get it?)