Chima has left the building

Chima has left the building

Holy crap. After I went to bed last night, the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. Chima threw her microphone in the jacuzzi and then lost her goddamn mind. She was screaming and crying and then the feeds went down. When they came back up, she was gone. Chima has quit “Big Brother.”

Follow all the drama for yourself on the live feeds

Details are sketchy because now any time anyone tries to talk about it on the feeds, they cut to the fish screen. But her picture is gone from the memory wall and her stuff is still there. The rumors circulating are that she won’t be joining Jessie in the jury house, the 7th jury vote will be America, and she has forfeited her stipend for being on the show and won’t be at the finale.

What a poor loser. Things don’t go her way and she quits? Chima sucks. That’s all there is to it. She turned out to be even more crazypants than we thought. I can’t wait to see this whole escapade on the broadcast show on CBS, but I hope they don’t edit the hell out of it. They probably will. Bah.

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