Chima is the new "Big Brother" Head of Household

Chima is the new "Big Brother" Head of Household

Chima has wasted no time in letting her feelings be known in the “Big Brother” house. Earlier tonight on the live feeds, she said that Jeff, Jordan, Jessie, Natalie and Kevin are all safe. By my calculations that leaves Lydia, Michele and Russell as possible nominees.

It would not surprise me at all to see it be Lydia and Michele, with the plan to backdoor Russell. Chima’s a smart lady and not only has Russell butted heads with her, but he’s clearly going to dominate physical competitions. I think that also works because on the off chance Russell plays for POV and wins, everyone can vote out Michele. I really hate it that Ronnie seemingly turned the whole house against Michele. He really is a weasel.

What will be *really* interesting is if by next Thursday Russell is on the block and Jeff can save him with the Coup d’Etat. Do you think he would, thereby revealing their alliance to the entire household? Personally, I think he should use it regardless of who is up and replace the nominees with Natalie and Jessie. I’m juuuuuust about done with them.

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