Tonight on DWTS, Chelsea Kane gave us an Argentina Tango as her first dance of the night. I loved her contemporary waltz last week, so I was expecting big things this week. However, I was a little disappointed…

During rehearsals, Chelsea wasn’t being intense enough for Mark Ballas. “The reality is, you don’t have that time,” he said when she wanted to pause and think. “You’re dancing, but you’re not working… and I’m busting my ass,” he explained at one point. Those were valid points from the looks of things, but no doubt Chelsea was exhausted.

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During the dance, there were some incredible lifts going on. That was their strong point, while the weak point seemed to be Chelsea’s legs during the fast kicks.  Carrie Ann shared the same thoughts as I did, but she could voice them more eloquently.

Len – “It was clean, it was precise. Well done.”

Bruno – “I know exactly how you played it, and you played it well! That was Sharon Stone out there! Fascinating, intriguing.”

Carrie Ann – “I found that not to be up to par. The leg motions were not sharp, and I don’t feel like you finished your moves. Your legs … they weren’t as strong. It wasn’t as dynamic in the legs as it should have been.”

Their score was 28/30.

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