Hey ABC? Stop playing around with Photoshop so much.

charlie's angels 2011

It’s not a matter of the typical photoshop overuse that we’re used to seeing on Magazine covers that has us wrinkling our brows at the first official Charlie’s Angels 2011 promo picture. We’re talking about the new Charlie’s Angels reboot starring Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh (her last name is never going to be easy to spell…), who glow like creepy disappearing figures in this picture. The idea behind the concept isn’t hard to understand, someone clearly got the idea that the three girls should look beautific like golden angels from heaven. But as it was translated it makes these three actresses look like radioactive metal statues (or like they’ve were fighting over the last bag of Cheetos). It’s just not attractive.

What do you think?

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