We know Sookie Stackhouse does some stupid things, but is she written to be stupid? According to the woman who wrote the character, apparently so.

Sookie Stackhouse is not a typical heroine. Possibly not a heroine at all?

Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse series (True Blood is based on these novels), recently told Vanity Fair that her slant in writing about vampires was about the people who were in the lives of vampires (and vice versa).

“I didn’t want to write about being a vampire,” Harris said. “I wanted to write about people who were interacting with vampires. I thought it would be fun to write about a woman dating a vampire, so I imagined what kind of woman would do such a stupid thing. It’d have to be a woman who couldn’t date humans for another reason.” As for Sookie, a telepath, she finds it calming to be around vampires because she can’t read their minds. Although we’d wager especially she’d love to read Bill’s mind, Eric’s mind… all of their (read: the vampires) minds. Oh, the irony.

Another juicy tidbit of the interview involves Harris’s take on the Twilight series. “My books are just aimed at adults. There’s not the fairy-tale aspect in my books that there is in [Stephenie Meyer‘s],” she said. “Her books are very ‘Romeo and Juliet’; I think mine definitely aren’t.”

But Harris doesn’t begrudge Meyer. “I’m not her critic. I’m glad she’s been successful.”

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True Blood “9 Crimes” airs on Sunday July 11, 2010.