Ever wish Twitter was around back in the 90’s? Us too. We took part in a conference call with Charisma Carpenter and, naturally, some of the questions became about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the series. How could they not?

We asked her what season of either show she wishes she could have tweeted during. Her answer was Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3, right before she made the jump to Angel.

“Probably the third season of Buffy; my last season on Buffy. Graduation day, I think that probably would have been a good year to be on Twitter, because we were getting ready to exit. There would have been a lot of news to share, if I was allowed to share it is another story. But there would have been a lot going on. The rebar scene, some of the kooky stuff we wore, it was exciting for me. A lot of stuff happened to me. I knew I was jumping ship, so a lot of my character was getting some resolution with relationships in that season. I finally got to vanquish a vampire after being a damsel in distress for three years. So that would have been fun to tweet. Pictures on the set with all the demons running around would have been fun. We were on a very specific lot which we called Wheden World. So it wasn’t on Fox or Paramount or any of that. We had our own sort of world going on. So that would have been interesting We were around on set, like we had outdoor sets, the graveyards and stuff.”

Of course, she has plenty of love for her time on Angel the series. Noting they had a lot more indoor sets there, she said that “Angel would have been fun too,especially when Andy Hallett was around it was always fun. It was a lot of fun too, but I just think if I had to pick one year, that would have been it.”

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Remember the Buffy movie remake that is (uh, hopefully not) happening? Stating that she does get asked about it a lot, her answer has never waived. “My feeling is… to do it without Joss (Whedon) is really disappointing. I feel it would do more harm to the franchise than good. Or maybe not. But it doesn’t make much sense without any of the key players involved. Why call it Buffy? They should just call it something else.”

Carpenter is still very eager and open to hearing from fans who loved her as Cordelia Chase. Rather than refuse to talk about it, she warmly thanks you if you pay her a compliment about it.

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In fact, if you have a major Buffy/Angel “omg I LOVED you” type of fan encounter with Charisma Carpenter, you’ll be glad to know she generally finds them “pleasant and endearing.” The only really unsettling stuff is when someone wets themselves. This did happen to Carpenter, a very “sweet girl” actually pee’d her pants. Carpenter said it was awkward knowing “that level of excitement and emotional intensity is being caused by you.” She said it is “both flattering and unsettling” adding, “I don’t know how Justin Bieber deals!”

Stay tuned for more about Charisma Carpenter and her new role on The Lying Game, and her thoughts on appearing with Julie Benz on Bones with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel!