Charisma Carpenter on Bones? With David Boreanaz? And Julie Benz? Maybe! The first step is knowing that they are interested. And next, fan feedback! (Plus all the “pesky” script writing, executive producer opinions, etc, etc.)

Charisma Carpenter is definitely open to being on the Fox series Bones! She confirmed this in a recent conference call that Small Screen Scoop was a part of.

Carpenter is still great friends with David (Boreanaz) and also his driver! In fact, she has breakfast with him once a month.

She also keeps in touch with Julie Benz, who she counts as one of closest friends. Now, who would have thought that Cordelia and Darla would be besties?

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As for Carpenter or Benz guest starring on Bones, “it’s been brought up to executive producers,” Carpenter said. For those wanting crossovers, “I’m game.”

Tripping over her words to praise her former leading man she said, “I’m in love with David – not IN love like that, don’t miscountrue me. I adore him like he’s my brother.”

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Adding that whether her and Julie were on Bones indepnediently or all together it would be “so much fun.” In fact… “I really want to work with Emily (Deschanel) because I hear really nice things about her. She and David have such wonderful chemistry. I wanna meet this woman. I wanna meet this person who has been so wonderful to my friend.”

What do you guys think? Would you love to see Charisma and Julie guest star on an episode of Bones?