Often, seeing someone in a reality TV show gives us more access to the person and we end up loving them. (I’ll admit that I’m not immune to this.)  But there are unfortunate circumstances where the celebrities become no more likable (or famous) for all of their damn trouble of having a reality TV series.

Still, can we be surprised they try? Jessica Simpson‘s entire career was revived by two seasons of MTV’s The Newlyweds. (Although it was also very possibly the reason her first marriage failed.) Here’s a list of the top five celebrities who went the reality TV route without success.


Denise Richards (Denise Richards: It’s Complicated) – The best press move would not have been to let this TV show air. This Mother of two attacks press people, swears like a sailor, tries to get her friends to say that doing Playboy again would be good for her less sexy image, and is generally out of touch with reality. Her arguments for luring away someone’s husband include the fact that she wasn’t all that close with the wife anyway. What a peach. It’s not exactly complicated, but it’s surely confusing when we’re left thinking Charlie Sheen is the better person here.

Tinsley Mortimer (High Society) – She seemed nice, and certainly pretty, until we saw how shallow her life was on the now canceled show from The CW. Tins, take some tips from Paris Hilton or something. The sad truth? She seems like a nice enough girl with major insecurities. On the yuck side, it appears she wanted amped-up fame that she thought she deserved just for being rich. (Youtube Video of a Tinsley Interview.)

Patti Stranger (Millionaire Matchmaker) – She spends her days telling people to get hair extensions, lose weight and stop holding out for a fairytale love. What a sweetheart. It can’t be a coincidence that her last name reminds us of the word “strangle.” Shut her up already and kick her show to the curb.

Kimora Lee Simmons (Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane) – Style icon? Who cares. She’s apparently also a childish diva. Pampered, spoiled, and rude (being over 5 hours late without even apologizing is de rigueur for Kimora)  – if you didn’t hate the tacky Baby Phat brand already, you will after watching this series. (A note: In season 2, Kimora does become less of a diva on screen.)

Kate Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate Plus 8): We’d mark her down for crimes against hairmanity (see what we did there with that pun?) if nothing else. She’s more than strict, more than ridiculous, and more than annoying. She’s Britney Spears without the good voice. Although, there have been reports that Kate is revving up the autotune for an album of her very own.

On the watch list: Heidi Klum best watch her attitude on Project Runway, or she’ll be the next one added to everyone’s list of bitchy celebrities. (It’s different if you’re bitchy but we respect your opinion. Sorry Klum.)

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