We know him these days as a bizarre office-worker, but did you know Creed Bratton (The Office) makes music?

creed bratton rubber tree

Bratton has a new song out called Rubber Tree. It’s very folky and upbeat – I like it a LOT. And so will my Dad. And probably you, too. Check out Creed Bratton’s website to learn more about his music. He was actually a member of The Grass Roots. He has lots of layers. Let’s stalk him today! Okay, I’m joking. Don’t stalk him. Or anyone. I think it’s illegal. Or should be. You get that I don’t want you to stalk him, right? We’re good? Can I go grab an early lunch? I’ll go do that while you watch the video for Rubber Tree!

Creed’s single “Rubber Tree” off his new album, “Bounce Back,” featuring Ed Helms! Release date Feb. 2010. Edited by Steven Kenny.