Will Cathia be a global superstar launched from The Voice? Shakira seems to think so!


Cathia – She’s from the Bronx, and very proud of her Latin culture.  She’s interested in improving her voice and learning from one of the great mentors. But would she get the chance?

First off, she was taking a bit of a risk. She decided to sing in Spanish, which she knew was “both a blessing and a curse, since everyone won’t know what I’m saying.” But how did it work for her? (“No Me Doy Por Vencido” was the song title.)

Usher decided he really did like it, and pushed his button very quickly. Then Shakira gleefully pushed hers. (Seriously, her face lit up with joy!) Blake and Usher joked that they really did have no clue what she was saying. And then? Then Blake turned around for her anyway. Proud to have done so well, she had tears when she finished her song.

Shakira said Cathia’s voice could work in any language. Cathia had a great sense of humor and was really fun as she interacted with the judges. “I didn’t understand one word… but I loved everything…” Blake said. Usher had the best explanation, “While Usher was trying to figure it out…I knew it.” Shakira said Gloria Estefan helped her, as her mentor, and now she wants to be Cathia’s mentor.

Adam Levine yelled out for her to PICK, and so she did. And who did she pick? “I have to go with someone that I know will understand me, and that’s gonna be Shakira!” TEAM SHAKIRA, it is!

Usher bemoaned the fact he hadn’t paid more attention in Spanish class. Oops!