It was time for a catfight. And Cathia gave us one when she brought her insecure attitude onto The Voice 2013.

The Voice 2013

The Voice 2013

Cathia VS Mary Miranda – Team Shakira
Song: Antes de la seis” by Shakira

Guess what? Cathia has attitude. She is not likeable at all.

Mary Miranda is younger and sweeter, but maybe infuriating, too. Still, even Shakira said she was one of the more “charismatic” people on her team.

“You sang on my chorus.” – Cathia

“If you gonna go change my melody, then you better be sure of it.” – Shakira to Cathia. (Then Cathia blamed Mary Miranda.)

I don’t mind confidence, but Cathia just seems like a witch. But I did like her blue peplum dress. Meanwhile, Mary Miranda is like a tiny Selena Gomez (who is already so tiny!) and secretly a powerhouse of sound!

Mary Miranda pictures from NBC.

Mary Miranda pictures from NBC.

“This is gonna be good.” – Usher

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so ready to get more into Shakira songs, suddenly. Maybe it wasn’t so dumb to have Shakira pick one of her own songs. It makes people interested in a song they may not have heard from her before.

They both sang beautifully. They both really did.

Oh, and Mary Miranda reminds me of Lucy Hale a little! Anyone else see that?

The Results

“You never get into an argument with a Latin woman.” – Usher

“That was beautiful. Didn’t understand a word do f it, obviously. But I felt it.” – Adam (Picked Mary)

“I don’t know what ya’ll were singing about. But I’m pretty sure, that it was about me.” – Blake Shelton
“I wrote that song for Blake. He’s broken my heart so many times. Every time he says he doesn’t know what I say.” – Shakira

“Oh, you fired her up now,” – Blake to Usher, on Shakira

“It warms my heart to see you guys fighting.” – Adam

I love that when Shakira is ready to decide she leans forward like she’s praying and communing with the stars.

“You’re just so sweet, you’re like cotton candy.” – Shakira, about Mary Miranda

The winner of the battle

Mary Miranda


Usher went in for a Steal of Cathia.

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