Usher was actually …disappointed with Cathia’s performance tonight! Wow. Anyway, Cathia got to waltz with Usher, so she’s having a good life. Augh! On The Voice tonight she sang “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston.



I’ve made it no secret that I’ve found Cathia to have an unpleasant personality. So she really has to prove to me and the rest of you fans that she’s not just a good voice.

To practice, Usher danced (waltzed) with her to have her see how her voice sways with the song.

We’ve got ot mention her dress. I mean, serious? That dress was EVERYTHING. It really suited her powerful personality, too. And I WANT to like Cathia, I just really need to be won over. (I’m curious if any of you still hold grudges from having seen her be catty against tiny Mary Miranda?)

The vocals were good on this, and I actually really dislike this song most of the time. So that tells you something. (That I have good taste in music, psh.)

“What a beast of a song to have to do.” – Carson Daly


Shakira wondered if the song hadn’t been a little too high for her…and would not have picked it for her. Cathia made a surprised face.

Blake said he wasn’t going to be as hard on her as Shakira was, and thought she did well.

Usher said it was a make or break moment, and he felt like the performance was not as incredible as he’d hoped it would be.

Cathia “I Have Nothing” Video

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