We’re catching you up on the very worst betrayals that have happened on the MTV Catfish TV show so far.

Catfish Episode Guide

Catfish episode 1: Sunny and Jamison

Sunny is a pretty nurse who is in love with Jamison. Who is he? She’s never met him, though she’s talked to him on the phone and on Facebook plenty. He’s a busy guy, who is a model and also writes for the Chelsea Handler show. When Sunny meets Jamison, she sees that “he” is really a bisexual girl named Chelsea.

Lie-O-Meter: 8
It wasn’t even a guy.

More instances of compulsive lying and treachery inside!

Catfish episode 2: Trina and Scorpio

Trina is a pretty exotic dancer who has fallen for another exotic dancer who goes by the name Scorpio. They’ve been talking and flirting for a year, but never met. Scorpio ends up being a guy named Lee. He lied about a few things. He has 4 kids (not 2) and he is 32 years-old (not 27). He’s also physically different than the pictures he had sent.

Lie-O-Meter: 2
At least he was similar to who he said he was.

Catfish episode 3: Kim and Matt

These two have been talking for ten years, and are in love. Kim is dating another guy, but is holding out hope that Matt is her true love. Matt’s biggest lie to Kim is about his weight. The pair remained best friends.

Lie-O-Meter: 1
Not that bad.

Catfish episode 4: Jasmine and Mike.

After texting for two years, it’s time to meet. But Mike turns out to be a girl who hates Jasmine and has been pranking her. It was very targeted.

Lie-O-Meter: 9
That was cold.

Catfish episode 5: Jarrod and Abby

This pair is so in love that divorced Father Jarrod has proposed to Abby. She accepted, but they have never met after a year and a half. Abby was really Melissa, and overweight girl.The two remained friends.

Lie-O-Meter: 6
Jarrod was too easily played for a fool. Two years of your life and you were never suspicious?

Catfish episode 6: Kya and Alyx

Alyx was supposed to be a guy, but turned out to be a transgendered person named Dani. Kya wasn’t phased at all.

Lie-O-Meter: 5
Kya didn’t care, which was heart-warming.

Catfish episode 7: Joe and Kari Ann

Joe thought he was in a long-distance relationship with former Miss United States Teen 2003, Kari Ann Peniche. But it was a girl in his own home town who knew him, and liked him. But he was seriously pissed off.

Lie-O-Meter: 5
Joe should have known it wasn’t that mild celebrity. And at least it was still a girl who was the right age.

Catfish episode 8: Tyler and Amanda

Tyler is a popular, handsome guy who has never connected with anyone the way he has with Amanda. She turns out to be a black, gay man named Aaron. He was even kicked out of his college for these fake profiles. To add insult to injury, though Tyler never freaked out the way you’d expect, Aaron acted like it was no big deal to have been lying like that for so long.

Lie-O-Meter: 10+
Wow. Worst Catfish ever.

In the end, we think the worst lies happened in episode 1, 7 and 10. Do you agree?