Ramon is a sad guy. Ramon lives in Arizona. Ramon really hates his job. Ramon looks vaguley like Vinny Guadagnino. And Ramon has a girlfriend name Paola.

catfish ramon and paola

Catfish, Ramon and Paola

Paola is a beautiful woman. Paola has no money.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

On a recent episode of Catfish: The TV Show, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph investigated this relationship. It comes as no big surprise to learn that Paola isn’t who she says she is, and is in fact a different woman named Loyda.

When Loyda and Ramon meet, she gives him the standard line about how everything is the same other than looks. Which, as usual, doesn’t matter. The way we look is important. More important than anything else, if we listen to the moral of all Catfish stories.

But that’s where we had a curveball. Because Ramon already knew that Loyda was who he was talking to. She explained she’d “come clean” about 3 times, even so much as Face Time chatting with him. She explained to Nev that Ramon would be so sad, and even start crying, messaging him with frowney faces and asking her to tell him it wasn’t true. Because she didn’t want to hurt him, she would always “backtrack.”

“He knows my full name, though he’ll probably claim that he forgot. He heard my birthday, he’s seen my driver’s license. … You’ve seen me! We FaceTimed, we Skyped. You called me by my name before!” – Loyda

Ramon knew the truth of who he was talking to, but was holding onto a delusion that he really was in a relationship with Paola. He was conning the Catfish guys, probably just hoping to look like a victim and get his chance on a TV show.

Loyda was no angel, though. She bought an engagement ring and had it mailed to herself with a note from Ramon, which she opened in front of her Mother. (CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY alert!)

ramon and paola

Ramon and Paola

Her Mother, also named Loyda, had lots of sass for the TV cameras. While the younger Loyda had some apologies, the elder would have been better suited on the Jerry Springer Show.

Ramon actually spent  some time alone with Loyda (no, not to strangle her) and said he wanted to stay friends. But they would definitely not still dating. (Loyda looked absolutely crestfallen, but how could she expect anything more?!)

In the 2-month flash forward, we saw that they no longer talk. Loyda allegedly has a new boyfriend, and she had also been paying back the 3k that Ramon had gifted to Paola.

In the end, Loyda came away looking like a better person than Ramon.

I kinda think she should have just kept the money to teach him a lesson in being a naive crybaby. What do you think? Who annoyed you more?

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