Everything’s bigger in Texas, even the lies. Maybe. The hair, well the hair is definitely bigger.


Listen, the show makes you fall for Nev and Max all the time. Especially when you see a little video insert of the two having fake gun fights in an old Western town. I shall call them Nemax. And I wish I could hire them for parties.

I had a disturbing thought while watching this episode, however. And it paints Nev in a less than airbrushed light. (Which makes me sad, because that dude has a good heart.) Do you think Nev was so catastrophically hurt by the time he was Catfished that making a movie about it wasn’t enough, and now he wants to take out revenge on anyone else lying like that? Well, it’s just a thought. And that’s probably the headspace I’d be in, so it’s not like I’m blaming him. Although I do have to blame the show for sidestepping a very obvious argument in every episode, including “Anthony and Marq.”

See, most of the time when people lie it seems to be because they don’t look as attractive as they claimed. And such was the case with Marq, whose real name as Framel.  And he was guilty of lying. Anthony said he looked like a fool to his family and friends, blah blah…all valid points. But when Framel eventually admitted that he really did love Anthony and all those feelings were real, Anthony used the shield of “you lied to me, I can’t believe you” instead of what I think was probably the more accurate “you’re not who I wanted to be in love with” statement. Half of these Catfish episodes could be resolved without drama if the people had lied, but not about their attractiveness. Murdered a nun but could be in Maxim Magazine? Seems fine, we can get past it. Lied about your picture because you’re actually 30 lbs overweight? TO THE GALLOWS.

…Can you tell I’m kind of burnt out on Catfish right now?

This episode was emotionally draining, and it seemed like both parties got hurt quite a lot.

When will they ever do a Catfish reunion episode with Nev and whoever Catfished him?

P.S. I typed “CatFix” by accident. Now that’ll be a much different show, yipes!