jason dohring picI have sneaky little spies who inform me that our favorite 09’er boy (it’s a Veronica Mars reference, people!) will be guest starring on an episode of CSI: Las Vegas. Jason Dohring will supposedly be playing the part of a pro-golfer who has a shocking death.

Spoiler TV lists this part of Bobby as “Mid to Late 20s, athletic, attractive, wears his emotions on his sleeve, Russell’s son, a newcomer to the pro golf scene, he is something of a surprise, hoping to capitalize on his winning streak in the pro tournament. Often at odds with his father, unwilling even to use his dad’s last name, Bobby is upset when he becomes a suspect in his father’s killing, outraged when allegations are made about his having cheated to make the cut…GUEST STAR. PLEASE ALSO SUBMIT NAME ACTORS. MUST BE ABLE TO BELIEVABLY SWING A GOLF CLUB”

Dohring is a pretty skilled golfer, so that shouldn’t be too difficult for him!