The highlights of the zombie-themed  Castle episode, titled “Undead Again.”

castle undead again

There is promise on the horizon for Castle and Beckett!
There were TWO (count ’em, two) sub-textual conversations where Castle and Beckett were talking about themselves without actually talking about themselves. Everything is ready for one of them to make the next BIG move.

Seeing Nathan Fillion in a truly legit-looking zombie get-up. (Even the teeth were rotting!)
This in itself is a major coup, especially given how into zombies the actor is. We wonder if he, himself, insisted on the mention of “World War Z” in the episode.

Tiffany DuPont!
She may have played a character who’d had an affair, and had little screen time at that, but we love her! (And she was giving off tons of Eliza Dushku vibes, wasn’t she?)

Zombies in general are fun. Especially a zombie hoard surrounding our hero and heroine.

And it’s even better when we learn it’s a whole THING where people divide into “normals” and “zombie walkers” and run around. How are people not doing this every Halloween? I totally want to dress up like a 50’s prom queen and be a normal – it’d be great cardio!

The entire Alexis storyline was damn sweet, especially the game play.
And we ended up with her following her heart all the way to (the close) Columbia! Score. If you read Castle spoilers than you probably already knew Molly Quinn wasn’t going anywhere, but I did not!

Picture courtesy of ABC Television Network. (ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT) Featured: STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION