Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) has a brand new bedroom on The Secret Circle. However, it’s technically old. It was her Mother’s old room. Either way, it’s pretty cool. Don’t you agree?

Don’t you love this The Secret Circle set? Series set decorate is by Joanne Leblanc. In Cassie’s room you’ll notice:

  • Layers of white on white on white on…off-white! It’s kind of a cozy cottage look.
  • A framed piece of different dried and mounted butterflies. Go for a picture of butterflies if the idea of dead ones freaks you out.
  • Cassie’s bedding uses Anthropologie Rivulets White Quilt – here
  • Love Letters Sheet Set – here
  • The colors of blue and green layered everywhere in different patterns
  • Picture frames
  • Butterflies everywhere (there’s even two silver butterfly stickers or decals on the back/top of Cassie’s laptop)
  • A framed photo of Cassie’s mother, Amelia, with her group of high school friends
  • A windowseat with curtains that have a green damask print over sheers embroidered with flowers
  • Beige curtains with a green paisley print
  • A white fireplace
  • A white bookcase
  • A seafoam green stepladder used as a bookshelf
  • Sconces
  • A potted plant
  • Oriental fans
  • A bulletin board wall
  • Chinese paper light
  • A wrought iron bed in white and goldtone
  • A lightly colored, textured area rug

Click for more pictures and inspiration.

Look at those fabulous green and off-white paisley printed curtains in Cassie’s room.

A display of picture frames and an asian fan make for a beautiful display.

Cassie has light blue (green) walls, beige carpet, a wrought iron bed, and a antique looking armoir with clear glass panels that seems more for books and things than clothing.

Cassie Blake’s bed is wonderful isn’t it? It appearss to be made of gold and wrought iron painted white.

cassie blake style

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