Britt Robertson makes a cute Bee. The Secret Circle shows that Cassie Blake’s Halloween costume choice is very Bzzzworthy.

the secret circle fashion

Cassie dresses as a bee for a Halloween Party she hosts, at Faye’s insistence in The Secret Circle episode “Masked.” What could possibly go wrong? Well, let’s not even get into what could go wrong for the circle. Let’s talk about this Halloween costume.

Britt Robertson as a bee, in a bee costume, is cute. Mostly. Mean Girls was right about how girls will take any animal and turn it into a slutty version as a costume for Halloween. Of course, Cassie isn’t trying dress slutty (unlike Faye.) But when you wear a spandex bodysuit… it’s just what happens. She’s like a striped wonder woman with a giant belt. What’s unfortunate is that with the stripes on the top really makes her breasts look lopsided. A pair of antenna’s, fingerless yellow gloves, black boots and black wings accessorize this bee costume. We’ve found a similar costume….

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Find this sexy Halloween bee costume for women here


secret circle halloween

the secret circle halloween

the secret circle halloween costumes

cassie blake bee

britt robertson bee

britt robertson bee costume

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