American Idol 2011 tonight Mr. Casey Abrams performed  “I Heard it Through the Grapevine.” And his soulful voice really made me want to sing along. You really get the sense that he feels the music, you know? He can’t contain the feeling, and I’m glad he doesn’t!

What did the judges think?

Steven Tyler – “You are the perfect entertainer. Perfect pitch and perfect mix of crazy out of control ego. You’re beautiful man, I loved it.”

Jennifer Lopez – “People already know who you are … is there anybody like you right now, you might be the guy right now, you can really carve out a niche and be amazing. Great to see.”

Randy Jackson –  “You are definitely a true original. … You can only do you, and that you is great!”

What did you guys think?  The only thing I might mention is at some points his stage presence was a little cheesy. But mostly it was amazing, and I like that he has a silly side.

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