Carrie Preston (True Blood, The Good Wife, “That’s What She Said”) opens up about her radically unique character, Elsbeth, on The Good Wife. Preston is currently gracing our screens on HBO with True Blood, but we’re just as excited for The Good Wife season 4 to start up this fall.

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On the other end of the  character spectrum (from Arlene on True Blood), there is Elsbeth Tascioni, your character on The Good Wife, who I still hope will become a regular. How do you approach her quirkiness?

Elsbeth is dizzy like a fox. You think she’s all over the place, but then she nails you to the wall. I like to think of her as someone whose brain works way faster than her body, so I come at her from that angle. It’s a delicious and refreshing role to play.

Is Elsbeth easier or harder than Arlene to create and humanize? Both are characters that can be difficult for the others to deal with. How do you keep them likeable?

I try not to think about whether a character is likable or not. I mainly focus on what the character wants and how she goes about getting what she wants. And I trust the writing. In my mind, the more flawed a character is, the more interesting and human.

Is it difficult to play someone whose thoughts seem to be completely off the cuff? Her interactions with all of the characters are hysterical, yet their inability to understand her seems to go unnoticed by Elsbeth. What is that like to play? How do you handle those moments where she sort of goes off to her own space?

I love playing her. I love the nimbleness of her mind. She has so many things going on inside of her, and I think each and every thought gets equal time and attention in her mind. She can be solving a case and admiring your blouse and thinking about picking up her dry-cleaning all at the same time.

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Will Elsbeth be back next season on The Good Wife? If so, in what capacity?

They have said that they want me back for some more episodes, but I don’t know in what capacity. I’m really excited to see what they come up with.

You’ve done most of your scenes with Julianna Margulies, but a bit more last season with Josh Charles and guest star Anika Noni Rose. Is there anyone you are hoping to have scenes with this season, including some of the ever-growing list of new guest stars (Kristin Chenoweth, Nathan Lane, Maura Tierney, Marc Warren)?

I am a big fan of Christine Baranski’s work, and I loved the little bit we got to do together last season. So I’d be thrilled to do more with her.

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