She captured all of our attention! Caroline Glaser sang “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran on The Voice.

Caroline Glaser

Caroline Glaser

Am I the only one who always wants to spell it “Glasser” instead of “Glaser”?

Adam was happy to give Caroline a song with a deep subject matter.

Caroline said she isn’t a powerhouse singer, but she wants to give the song one big moment.

She sat on a stool, strumming a guitar with a very casual look as she sang the lyrics, “White lips, pale face.” I loved how relaxed and intimate this performance felt. It was like being in a coffee house.

“I love it when I don’t know the song.” – Blake
“That happens a lot.” – Adam

Usher said she showed great vocal control.


They all joked that you can also vote for her dimples, which is a different phone number.

“You’re one of the more unique sounding people in this competition.” – Adam Levine

Caroline Glaser “The A Team” Video

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