Elena’s bloodlust struggles were the focus of tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, but with that came evidence of the always deepening friendship that she shares with Caroline. Here’s your Friday dose of an episode recap – Caroline Forbes style.

the caroline forbes focus

Not much happened for Caroline in this episode, but one aspect her scenes that I enjoyed a great amount was her interaction with Elena. I thought their moments together were monumental and set the tone for how their relationship as vampire BFFs will continue from here on out.

At the beginning of the episode, we see Elena leaving a hushed voicemail for Caroline because she’s having major “adjustment issues” with the vampire lifestyle already. However, it isn’t until later on that we see them interact, which is something that I have been anticipating more than anything since the Season 3 finale.

When Elena discovers April covered in blood and tied to the balcony at the funeral, I figured that we’d see another typical tragic death. Instead, the writers used this as an opportunity for Caroline and Elena to connect on a synonymous level that has been somewhat foreign to them throughout the last two seasons of the show.

Caroline: “She’s not dead, but if you feed on her you will kill her.”
Elena: “Let go of me!”
Caroline: “Look at her! Look at her, Elena. It’s April. April Young. She’s not a warm body for you to feed on. She is your friend. She’s an orphan, just like you. And she’s scared, just like you were.”

I loved how, when April panicked after taking Caroline’s blood, Caroline started to compel her to calm her down, but then she decided that Elena should do it instead. Elena resisted, clearly terrified, but Caroline believed in her and helped Elena to understand why it was important for her to do this. I thought it was extremely powerful to see Caroline urge Elena to learn for herself, right then and there, and I think that’s something that Elena will truly appreciate. When Elena compelled April successfully and she looked up at Caroline and smiled, and Caroline smiled back proudly, I had a bit of a meltdown – in a good way. I love this dynamic already.

As for the rest of the episode, I thought that it was really strong, but there isn’t much else to say about Caroline’s storyline right now. Caroline and Tyler are still together and everything, so there is that happening. I can’t bring myself to go into any further detail because I don’t understand the point of their scenes. I will say that aside from the Elena/Caroline scenes, I liked the part of the funeral when all of the vampires (and the hybrid) had to keep their cool when they caught a whiff of April’s blood. Typing that out, it sounds disturbing, but the setup was super clever. And, of course, the grieving memorial at the end had me as emotional as I’m sure many of you were. It’s shocking to think back on how many characters have died over the course of this show, and then it’s upsetting to think about how the deaths impacted each character. These poor teenagers.

As for next week, Elena is in a dire situation right now because her feeding methods are unstable, so hopefully we’ll see Caroline and Stefan join forces to help her out. There’s also the issue of the scary new vampire hunter, and we know how great episodes can be when the team works together to protect themselves from an enemy. Season 4 seems like it’s already found its footing and I can’t get enough.

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Written by Maddie Coe. Visit her Candice Accola Fansite for the latest details about the phenomenal actress.