californiadreams jimmy fallonLate Night with Jimmy Fallon has a CALIFORNIA DREAMS reunion on Thursday night. Initially I was excited about this. Because I remember the show fondly. However, …how do I put this. Well…  Do you remember that WILL & GRACE episode where Jack runs into his old babysitter played by Demi Moore? And it was kind of sad and pathetic to realize that she’s STILL a babysitter? It kind of…it’s sad.

And for some of the people on the show, it made me sad for them. And it makes me understand why some of the people from SAVED BY THE BELL don’t want to do a reunion. I just…I never wanted to feel shame for these people, and for a couple of them – I did. It’s like ….washed up celebs in clown costumes at parties, trying to reclaim former glory.

They smiled. And I sighed.