With In Plain Sight now off the air, Burn Notice takes the spot of the second longest airing program currently on USA Network. (My beloved Psych is in first place) Season 6 hits the airwaves in just a couple weeks, so if you fell behind on the exciting Season 5, now is the time to catch up!

Things took a turn for the worst this past season for Michael Weston and his crew. And given how things normally go for this band of friends in Miami, that is really saying something. Tension was high, explosions were plentiful and, per usual, it ended on quite the cliffhanger.

Taking a look at the DVD, there are not many extras to be found. A few of deleted scenes per disc and commentary on the intense season finale. As always, I leave those up to you. But I’ll take a look at the other two bonus features and let you know how they stack up.

Gag Reel
The gag reel for this show seemed to be a display of just how difficult it is to film this show in Miami. Why? Because there are real life people there and they make noise. There are planes and car alarms and loud noises that make guest star, Charisma Carpenter, scream. But this cast is pretty silly. Stars, Jeffrey Donovan (Michael) and Bruce Campbell (Sam), are both incredibly funny in real life, so you get to see that come out. Also, for a brief moment you get to hear Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona) use her real accent. There are some cute moments with Coby Bell (Jesse) – a character who was added on for a reason I never fully understood. However, I love the character and the actor, so I now live in constant fear that the creators will realize he was somewhat unnecessary and decide to kill Jesse off. My only complaint about the gag reel – where was Sharon Gless? Madeline is the greatest, and I’ve loved Gless since… well, forever.

The Villains of Burn Notice
Given that this show is about beating the bad guys, it isn’t surprising the DVD dedicated an extra to the villains Michael and Company face on a weekly basis. This extra highlights the villains from multiple seasons, not just this one, which is great because the villains on this series have been portrayed by a who’s who of impossibly wonderful character actors. Some of the ones they focused on that I particularly enjoyed were: Tyler Brennan played by Jay Karnes (The Shield) who was a particularly skeevy sociopath on seasons 2-4. Gilroy was the bad guy in Season 3. Chris Vance, who played him, was playful and sexy and had an accent. I was devastated when Gilroy died. Then there is Tim Matheson as Larry aka the Anti-Michael. He was around from Season 2-5, sporadically. He just popped up whenever it was unexpected. And you can tell that creator, Matt Nix, and the cast really loved Matheson and the character because a lot more time was focused on him. Then there is the ultimate villain of the season – Anson, played by Jere Burns (Justified). Anson is awful and mean and has probably caused more grief for the crew than anyone else. And he still is, so look out for him in Season 6!

Burn Notice Season 5 is available on DVD June 5th. Season 6 premieres on USA Network Tuesday, June 14th at 9pm.

It’s a perfect summer show (as is the rest of the USA summer series line up!) so be sure to check it out.

DVD provided by Fox.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae