You can read this Bunheads review of “What’s Your Damage, Heather” as soon as you promise me you’ll stream Heathers from Netflix soon. And I don’t stand for any Winona Ryder insults! She’s a talented legend even if she had that mishap about shoplifting that one time.

Here are my thoughts on this Bunheads episode:

We finally saw Michell teaching! I love the color she brings to her classes. Of course, she’ll have to learn how to deal with kids. The Les Mis cast can hold it, but not youngin’s! And Kaitlyn interning/working was also really sweet. … But then it just turned out that her Mom was late picking her up. But one of the girls should intern there, especially if there was money (or experience) to be had! I also like the way we’re slowly learning more about Nanette, Boo’s Mom. She’s a Mom who cares a lot, but is apparently often late and forgets things. But listen, she makes up for it by being really loving and having pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in her magical purse. You will find rare breeds of people like this in life, and my advice is to keep them around as much as possible. They will nurture your soul, and (if you’re lucky) your stomach.

Back to Ginny and Josh…The idea of people who have been dating since they’ve been very young intrigue me. I don’t want to just squash their happiness… I just think people must change too much for those relationships to work out and be happy. So I am intrigued by Ginny and her boyfriend, Josh.

Michelle pretending to be Fanny telling her what to say was cute. Oh God, I love it. It’s a technique I kind of want to try out… only not with my Mom or something, but … because I’m me, fictional TV characters. It’s very WWLGD – you know? (What Would Lorelai Gilmore Do?) My Mom’s been great, and so have my friends, but sometimes I want to know what Xander Harris (Buffy) or Monia Gellar (Friends) might advise!

Michelle telling the girls about how her house is their house, but not to judge “themselves” too harshly about how it’s dirty, because “they’ve” been busy teaching all these classes. Wit and whimsy! That’s what I like. And Fanny Flowers (Kelly Bishop – I miss her!) is such a strong voice that when Michelle says quotes she imagines Fanny would say, they are very strong and solidly Fannyisms for sure. I love that they’ve managed to create that character and have her stand so strong, even when she’s been absent from two of the episodes on a short list of ones that have aired. Am I making sense? Basically, I’m praising the Bunheads writers.

I hate admitting it, but I am a buzzkill like Boo,  and would totally be the one going on about about respecting someone’s house.

We had a guest appearance by Todd Lowe! Another Gilmore Girls alum! Hell yea! So, he was there as Davis. You guys have also been able to see him on HBO right now as Terry Bellefleur on True Blood.

On the other hand, and much as I do love the GG alums, I am so glad there are some new faces here. And someone I’m especially proud of is Stacey Oristano as Truly. She’s so wonderful as this character, and it’s such a big transformation from how she acted as Mindy Riggins on Friday Night Lights.

Why is Sasha being so rude to Michelle? I have a feeling she wasn’t really at a spa. Or maybe she was.. but she’s upset that no one ever holds her accountable? Yes, that must be it. I took more than just Psych 101, so I might be right here! I secretly love the character of Sasha, but I’m glad they’re not keeping her as a lovable underdog with exterior fangs, or whatever. She’s more complicated than that. Julia Goldani Telles does a great job at playing up the attitude when it’s called for.

I have to admit that I actually teared up near the end of this episode. It was during the scene where Nanette was comforting Michelle, and Michelle was explaining all the reasons she was afraid she was doing a bad job.

Ginny’s Mother shouldn’t pull that “I’ll take her from the school” card because… uh, she doesn’t pay for classes, and Ginny loves dance too much! Bad mother!

Melanie’s brother, Charlie, likes Ginny? Oh nooooo. And Ginny didn’t make enough of an effort to be nice about Boo’s feelings. That wasn’t cool. but I am glad that Ginny is single, it seems like she was only with Josh because her Mom wanted her to be.

An aside about why I’m worried for the show: I really love Bunheads, I mean… in the way where we’re only like 5 episodes in and I’m ready to say it’s one of my top ten current shows (which is a big deal, considering how many TV shows there are right now) but I have this scary sense that people are not responding to it as positively as I am. Well, I think if they gave it a chance they would, but that that marketing might be wrong. This is an ABC Family show that breaks the formula of focusing on the teenagers. But because it’s on a teenage network, adults who loved Gilmore Girls might be snubbing it as a kids only affair. This literally makes my heart hurt… for Amy Sherman-Palladino whose vision is so near-perfect here, for the entire cast and crew of writers and costume designers… the ABC Family team who wants a win every time and I truly believe hate delivering bad news (they are never quick to cancel a show, but there are times when they have had to cancel something – like The Nine Lives of Chloe King) and just… the few fans like me who can feel what a great show this is.

I’ve had a couple people tell me that they’re not watching the show, or would never watch it. That’s why I feel worried. Sometimes people can’t look past a name – Buffy the Vampire Slayer scared people off) or a network to realize how great something is.

Don’t cancel Bunheads! Please, please. We need a Bunheads season 2!

Photo: ABC Family, Bailey Buntain

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Bunheads (ABC Family) was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. It stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Emma Dumont, Bailey Buntain, Julia Goldani Telles and Stacey Oristano.