Amy Sherman-Palladino delivered unto us humble mortals a strong second episode of Bunheads. I never want to leave Paradise.

bunheads behind the scenes

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The Town of Paradise

Despite not having a ton of money for sets, I think what they’ve done with them is remarkable. The Flowers house looks well lived in, and there is so much visual stimuli! And did you see that gazebo in the back? There’s a major sense of nature with that house (and I loved hearing the crickets, something about crickets is always relaxing. Maybe they’re hypnotizing us to sleep every night for nefarious cricket reasons… who knows).

I’m even more in love with the dance studio than I was before. I love the rich, warm burgundy colors of the walls, and the Chinese lanterns staggered from the ceilings. The Bunheads set decorator did a great job.

I can’t forget to mention those early shots of Michelle (Sutton Foster) on the beach. First off, I’m jealous of anyone who lives directly on a beach, but I am so glad that the Flowers do because it’ll hopefully give us some fun beach scenes. Seeing Michelle sit, watching the dawn, in what had unintentionally become her funeral dress… it was such a beautifully sad moment.

Of course, a town is more than just what’s there. It’s also about the people. And you get a great sense of the town in seeing a stranger ask you to walk their dog. That man didn’t know Michelle, but he trusted her. It’s a real community! (Sorry, I just get excited about sweet things like that. I always wish people would ask me to walk their dogs for them. They wouldn’t even have to pay me. I’m an animal nerd.)

We got to know some of Fanny’s friends… and, damn that Sherman-Palladino, but she did it again. She’s carved out some memorable townsfolk that are wacky, but hold elements of relatable truth in their statures. (I don’t know about you… but I know some wacky artists.)

The Girls

Viewers aren’t supposed to love Sasha (Julia Goldani Telles) but maybe because I keep reading how much they don’t, I feel quick to defend her. I … love Sasha. She’s got tons of personality. She’s fiery, and sassy, and there’s obviously more to her than what’s on the surface. She seems to be incredibly good with people, weirdly enough. And it doesn’t hurt that Julia Goldani Telles looks a bit like Alexis Bledel in the face and with that elegant body structure.

I don’t have a ton to say about the rest of the girls because we didn’t explore them too much in this episode. I’m loving Melanie’s (Emma Dumont) adventurous attitude towards dressing and hairstyles. And actress Bailey Buntain has great comedic ability, so I can’t wait to delve deeper into knowing the character of Ginny.

On the Fence

A review isn’t good if you aren’t honest about what you didn’t love.

I realized that I, who am a name snob, am not loving a lot of the names on the show. “Fanny Flowers” sounds a bit like it’s out of a cartoon. Meanwhile, “Michelle Simms” is a bit plain. And “Boo” will always remind me of Boo Radley! The name for the town of Paradise is a bit on the nose… and my own personal connotations keep me from embracing it in the way I loved Stars Hollow.

The will being changed seems like an unlikely act (what would have possessed Hubbell to do that so fast?), but I understand why that plot device is being used. So, I shall bear it and try to enjoy what happens because of it.

Bunheads (ABC Family) stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Emma Dumont, Bailey Buntain and Julia Goldani Telles.

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