A comprehensive guide to the pop culture references used on the ABC Family show Bunheads.

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Small Screen Scoop’s list of Bunheads References:

“Just lay back and think of England.”
Menudo, band
Dali – “It’s like two miles of Dali painting walking around free.”
“There’s no Gorgonzola.” Monty Python Sketch

Autobon – “You’re calling that autobon you have on your property a driveway?” – Michelle
Shelley Winters
Barry Manilow
Uh Oh Spaghetti-o’s
Contempo Casuals
Dancing with the Stars
Gary Janetti
Sylvia Plath
Paula Deen
Revenge of the Nerds – “What are we, revenge of the nerds?” – Sasha
Rock the Casbah
Air Fries
Moves Like Jagger
Anna Faris
Oklahoma – “She was in Oklahoma, in Oklahoma!”
Raggedy Ann Doll
The Belasco
Guys and Dolls
Driving Miss Daisy
No Exit, novel
Christian Slater
Hair of the Dog
Winona Ryder
Siegfried and Roy
The Killing Fields
Solvang (TY to commenter Stephanie!)

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What Bunheads references would you like to add?

Amy Sherman-Palladino talked to Salon about Gilmore Girls and Bunheads. In this discussion, she was asked about all of the references.

“I don’t set out to put a bunch of references in it, and a lot of times I will be pulling references out because there are so many that it’s like, ‘Enough, enough, we get it, you read a newspaper, let’s move on.’ The tangents aren’t planned to be ultra-referencey, ultra-quippy. It’s my style, it’s how I write. And when you’ve got actors who can do it so well, you write for them because it’s fun to write for them. There’s always the time, where like, I want to talk about “Snapped.” And you’re looking for the right time to do it.

Sherman-Palladino also said of the references, “It’s just fun with words.”

Salon then asked her if she ever takes out pop culture references because they’re too obtuse. “No, I don’t give a shit about that. In “Gilmore” they once tried to get me to take out an Oscar Levant joke, saying nobody knows who Oscar Levant is. And I said, “You know what, there’s two or three gay boys watching this show who know who Oscar Levant is and this is for them. And for all those who don’t, I talk about Justin Timberlake on the next page, so we’re good.” I actually do not give a shit. I sort of feel like the references are fun and it’s almost just as fun if people don’t know who they are, and have to ask who they are, than if they do.”

Bunheads (ABC Family) was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. It stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Emma Dumont, Bailey Buntain, Julia Goldani Telles and Stacey Oristano.


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