The second episode of Bunheads proved two things: Hubbell is dead, and Sutton Foster is perfect.

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Minutes into the episode, Hubbell was confirmed dead. This sent his mother, Fanny, into a crazy frenzy that lasts most of the episode – planning a Buddhist memorial service with over 500 people that would come (are there even 500 people in Paradise?!) – with Michelle lagging behind as she struggled to find a way to grieve.

In the meantime, the girls ran off to see a Mark Wahlberg movie, which was probably not the best way to mourn but the only way they knew how.

They then went to the studio for their lesson, where Boo (whose name I still cannot get over) was annoying as usual and Sasha gave her usual distanced speak with a hint of whining and, at the memorial service, a teaspoon of genuine care for Michelle.

Throughout the episode, Fanny consistently disregards Michelle. She’s only been his wife for 24 hours, she’s not good enough, the list goes on. It’s sad to see Michelle hated on so much, especially since she’s obviously going through a rough time and doesn’t know how to deal with it until she sees the girls at Fanny’s studio.

And at the end, though, Michelle knew just what to do. In a take-charge-of-her-life moment, Michelle and the girls choreograph a dance memorial service that Fanny loved, a perfect way to bring them together. It’s subtle, but enough to help Fanny see Michelle is hurting too.

Sutton Foster brings the episode together with a series of quirky comments and deadpan humor: she’s funny and believable in all the right ways. But one thing, of course, was left unanswered: will Michelle leave? Of course, this reviewer doubts it. Michelle just inherited all of Hubbell’s items, and Fanny isn’t happy about it.

Written by Samantha Tatro.

Bunheads (ABC Family) stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Emma Dumont, Bailey Buntain and Julia Goldani Telles.

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