Do you like your mother-in-law? No? Well, neither does Michelle. And what “Blank Up, It’s Time” proved to the audience was that no matter what, Fanny and Michelle will always butt heads. However, this conflict will also always be a way for the show to dig deeper and explore each character.

This episode, Fanny is back from vacation, short temper and all. As the infamous “show season” approaches, where every weekend will bring a new competition. With their first competition coming up, Fanny’s first order of business is taking Sasha out of the lead role she always plays. From the get-go, you can tell this isn’t going to pass over well. We know Sasha’s got an explosive personality when push comes to shove, so expect to see more of her later on. Be careful, Fanny – Sasha might just head over and cheerlead instead of staying and dancing for you.

Instead, Boo gets the role and will duet with Carl. She “didn’t ask for it,” but don’t pretend you’re not happy, Boo. Sure, she’s not as great of a dancer, but there’s no reason she shouldn’t bask in the glory given to her. This girl doesn’t know how to accept a compliment.

Not so fast – Jordan is fantastic and smooth and looks wonderful, but he’s replaced very soon when a family issue comes up with Jordan. Cue Carl. He is shorter than Boo, a bit of a stalker, and calls her Bettina (really?!). He’s just weird and off, but Boo is intrigued by the possibility of being with him. In the meantime, all her friends put him down so there’s really no chance there. Also, these girls can be mean. Is it time for a Pretty Little Liars crossover? These girls could surely hold their ground.

Later, Fanny demands (yes, she doesn’t even invite her) that Michelle go with her to the play Blanket Up, It’s Time. When Michelle and Connor, the director, have some sort of chemistry going on, Fanny snaps that she’ll wait while they have sex.

Despite the fact that they do sleep together – eventually – we see that Connor is as quick witted and funny as Michelle is. They really have something, and I want to see it develop. Sadly, Michelle has a Hubbell moment. It’s her first time with a guy since Hubbell and she ends up crying. It’s a nice moment where we realize – and, later, Michelle tells Fanny – that Hubbell will always be there in the back of her mind.

On the other side, Fanny also gets a little personal time this episode: turns out she has a long distance boyfriend, Mike. And Mike knows Fanny better than anyone. Hopefully, there’s more of that to come.

At the end of blanket time, we see Sasha – complete with night black hair and blue highlights – yell at Fanny and tells her she’s committing full time to cheerleading. Fanny kicks her out without any regrets. Her low tolerance might not be for the best here, though. I think we can all agree that Sasha was one of the best dancers, if not the best, on the team. This team isn’t going to go very far without her.

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