Here are the most memorable quotes from the Bunheads season 1 episode 11 – titled “Wanna See Something?”


It’s a fun trip…
Truly: Welcome to my head.

No hamsters?
Truly: Last night I had a dream.
Fanny: Were there gerbils
Truly: There were gerbils, but this time they did not make me dance.

And it’s a cute blazer, to boot…
Ginny: So, here I am. Wearing the blazer.

Even a kayak?
Truly: Nothing is more terrifying than a canoe.

Sports suck. Holla.
Melanie: Ugh. Teams. Balls. High Five’s.

That’s what we all call it…
Michelle: On the typy boxy thing.

Is that how it works?
Fanny: You get married, you get family.

Sweetest line ever:
Hubbell: Ducky got Molly.

The good news is: they are!

Boo’s mom: I’m finally going to see the finale of Friends. Are they Friends anymore?

Photo: ABC Family.