Bunheads quotes from “Money for Nothing.”

bailey buntain

I’m paralyzed with rat fear! – Michelle Simms

Every day in your house is like a Kristen Wiig film festival. – Michelle

You think a possum would like powdered yeast? – Michelle Bunheads Quotes

Why are you hanging out with us? – Bunheads Quotes
Because you have fries. – Michelle Quotes Bunheads

It’s paying season. – Fanny Flowers Bunheads Quotes

I’m not going to an accountant. I’m not giving up my hat boxes! – Fanny

He’s a God! Nobody tell Josh I just saw God. – Ginny

She’s not fine. Look at her eyes. She’s the girl who hides the chicken under her bed in Girl, Interrupted!” – Michelle about Truly on Bunheads

I’m taking the nuts. These nuts. You two can stay where you are. – Michelle Quotes from Bunheads

A supermarket cashier blinded by money? What supermarket do you shop in? – Bunheads Quotes Michelle

How is Boo short for Bettina? – Melanie Quotes from Bunheads

Sasha: His name is Godot.
Michelle: Oh, so you’re all waiting for Godot? You’re so lucky you have fries.

You’re in the business of teaching and should be paid for it. That’s kind of how the whole capitalist thing works! – Michelle Bunheads Quotes

Ginny: His shirt is off. He’s a god. Nobody tell Josh I just saw God.
Sasha: But I thought you and Josh were soul mates.
Ginny: I met him in the second grade how the hell am I supposed to know if Josh is my soul mate for Christmas sake?

Yes the jeans have pleats and I’m wearing a button the size of my head. – Bunheads Boo Quotes

Fanny there’s an assman in your bushes that wants to know what box he’s in. Could that sound any dirtier? – Michelle

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Bunheads (ABC Family) was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. It stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Emma Dumont, Bailey Buntain, Julia Goldani Telles and Stacey Oristano.