You can read this Bunheads review of “Movie Truck” as soon as you deal with the fact that there is, in fact, a real cupcake ATM by Sprinkles! Even cupcakes for your dog? Well, I guess sometimes Fido just has that craving…

Here are the things I loved about “Movie Truck” –

Fanny is very sneaky. She also has balls. I love how she randomly orders poles for strip cardio, and takes off to meditate aka read trashy magazines. She’s so confident, even though she’s kind of crazy.

Fanny did something else amazing. I love when anyone says they were talking to X celebrity when it meaans they (the celebrity) were just on a talk show. Isn’t that cute and annoying? Or more annoying than cute?

The very idea of a movie truck IS so bohemian and amazing and ugh, I want one! Hell, I want three. Do these even exist? Let me rephrase, do these even exist any more?

Something tastes like your brother’s feet, but doesn’t taste bad? Yea, I don’t believe you, Melanie! I’m still trying to figure out that character. she hasn’t been given much. Is she really into photography or not? Is her brother her twin or does he just look a lot like her?

Sutton Foster as Michelle talking to the stripper pole was hilarious. “I’m not scared of you.” God, aren’t we all? “Make it rain!” Those poles are an affront to the world! Mostly because no one ever expects a dude to go up to a pole and make magic, but all women are, from bith, supposed to know how to operate those things. And let me tell you, when they tried on Jersey Shore, Snooki and Deena proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that it isn’t true!

Talia had amazing energy. It makes me wish she was really my own sassy gal pal, and wasn’t in Vegas!

Shy but adorable Truly has won my heart for real this time. She’s blooming. And I see some of myself in Truly, you know? Like, if there was a town of cool old ladies I’d probably join their book club, too.

How much do you want Ginny’s boyfriend to be your brother? Oh dear lord! Fuzzy socks and Grease on DVD! But it’s Ginny’s boyfriend? (I thought it was Sasha’s brother for a second, see.) Hmmmm. He might be super supportive, or maybe a closeted gay guy. I don’t know many boyfriends THAT sweet and gung-ho about pink party favor bags.

You’ll never get any Sasha bashing here. I love her, even though I know she’s got obvious flaws. But Sasha is fun because she’s always got a plan, she’s good at being in charge. Plus, she’s positive – like in saying how of course they’d get seats together in the movie truck. She reminds me of Lorelai Gilmore in that way. She will not be defeated!

Cupcake ATM! Is it real? Are they any good? Does it matter? (Okay, they are real!) Cupcake ATM! (Too bad there’s only one and it’s in Beverly Hills – do those people even eat?)

I  dowish we’d seen more of Michelle teaching the girls, and the strip cardio thing. But I have hope that in upcoming episodes we’ll see both. Because let’s be honest, isn’t the point of the show to get Michelle teaching these girls? Yea. So we can have a slow build-up, I’m okay with that. Let the world know that I’m patient! (Even if that’s partially a lie.)

All in all, amazing!

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