Can you be paralyzed with rat fear – from a possum Totally.

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Even though this Bunheads review for “Money for Nothing” (which aired last week) is late, I couldn’t not share my thoughts on it. Watching this series always puts a smile on my face. Here’s a run-down to remind you of the best moments from this Bunheads episode on ABC Family:

  • I secretly wish I would wake up with little woodland creatures curled up sweetly at the foot of my bed. Except for that hissing part at the end. C’mon possums, don’t give other possums a bad name! I know you’re not the prettiest animals ever… but I can overlook that.

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  • The Bunheads set designer is making me proud in every episode. But I really enjoyed seeing the sheets and curtains in Michelle’s little house. They were so upbeat and fun! I mean, even the aqua ombre tea pot that Fanny used was just so perfect. (And what about that panda cookie jar!) I love the attention to detail.
  • The dumpster jump? I’d quit on the first day. Plus, it’s so counter-intuitive with the hand washing obsession. I’m glad Boo doesn’t have to do it anymore.
  • So in love with the idea of a paying season, and this very specific quirk that Fanny has and people know about. It’s very real. I know people who do things like this, not exactly this, but things in this realm of “unusual but typical.”
  • Even more love for how realistic The Oyster Bar uniforms were. Those pleats, that button – it’s so real! (And so unflattering, yes.)
  • I will never not smile seeing Kelly Bishop as Fanny Flowers, wearing an iPod, dancing around and ignoring Michelle. Oh, my God! Hilarious. (It’s even better that there was nothing on the iPod. What a sneak!)

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Bunheads (ABC Family) was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. It stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Emma Dumont, Bailey Buntain, Julia Goldani Telles and Stacey Oristano.