In this Bunheads review of “Inherit the Wind” we discuss why we’d love to be in Michelle’s shoes.

emma dumont

Melanie aka Emma Dumont

I was glad to finally see more about Melanie. We learned two important things in this episode: she has a brother (that Boo likes) and she’s into photography (or why else would she have had such a good camera, right?). We can also tell she’s a supportive, friendly, clever friend. All in all, she’s the friend we all die to have. (Especially when the package deal involves an attractive older brother.)

Mothers will be… totally different

There was a small moment that highlighted the differences between Boo’s (Kaitlyn Jenkins) homelife, and Sasha’s (Julia Goldani Telles) homelife. Boo and her Mother get along unnaturally well (they should be a case study) and it’s obvious that her Mother supports her (with that special cooking). In contrast. Sasha’s Mom is self-involved and quick to dismiss her daughter’s needs. This informs us about both girls. It’s no secret why Sasha is jealous of Boo, or why she acts out in the one place she feels superior (in dance).

Lots o’ land

If there was any question about whether we could ever love Paradise, California as much as Stars Hollow…. it just got a bit easier to believe. Michelle’s property includes trails, and a lake, and ponds! It’s amazing!

Michelle’s circumstance is kind of ideal… just not for her, in her mind…yet. If someone put me in a beautiful place, gave me a place to mentor young writers…. the entire thing is kind of fairytale, even with the heartache! Sure, she’s a fish out of water, but that’s got its own charms.  I just really want to know if small towns like this ever really exist, or if they’re only in the mind of Amy Sherman-Palladino? And if that’s true, then maybe she and a bunch of her fans can kind of go build little compounds (no, not cults!) based on these tenants! Or something. I promise, I’m not talking about cults!

And… oh, I wanted to take a moment to pay special attention to that wall of cuckoo clocks. I adore a good cuckook clock. Hell, I adore even a bad one.

That small town flavor (with cayenne)

From cops who have nothing to do but enforce their ridiculous rules, to pushy know-it-all’s… I’m loving the townsfolk we’re learning about. In this episode we got a taste of Ginny’s Mom (Claire, the real estate magnate, I mean magnet…heh) and both a local cop and tow truck driver. It’s clear that the law respects their archaic rules, and that the town is immensely gossipy.

We also met the mystery man who lives in the big house. I have to say, right now the biggest impact he had on me was in thinking his living room was really well designed. The Bunheads set designer and set decorator have done a great job, yet again.

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Bunheads (ABC Family) was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. It stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Emma Dumont, Bailey Buntain and Julia Goldani Telles.