Newsflash: Michelle Simms on Bunheads  isn’t a settle-down type of person. She doesn’t want roots or connections – and the roots under her house are apparently rotting, or maybe not. But either way, in episode three, Michelle meets a stranger and struggles with the idea of settling down.

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Except for the dance studio and the girls in it – which she subconsciously likes. But before she sort of figures that out, she learns that she’s inherited all of her dead husband’s land. That’s a big commitment for someone who signs six month leases. This sort of inheritance isn’t the best news for Fanny and Michelle’s relationship. Fanny is furious and tries to make Michelle feel guilty. Of course, Fanny has no reason to be mad because – guess what – no one asked Hubbell to put Michelle in his will.

In the meantime, the girls have a most-disgusting foot competition while Michelle drives down a private road (which gets her into some trouble with the police). Eventually, she takes to foot and meets a handsome stranger, viewers instantly wonder – is Michelle falling for a new guy already?

Three days after Hubbell died, Michelle half-flirtatiously talks to a man who hasn’t heard of her troubles and helps her through her thoughts. It was a little soon, I must say, but the entire show is fast paced so it’s not totally out of place. Either way, we should expect to find this mysterious stranger around much more. The two of them have plenty more in common then Hubbell and Michelle ever had – plus, Michelle seems to like him, which is always a plus.

After Michelle gets home, she visits the studio and finds Sasha practicing. We learn her parents are ignorant of her choices and dancing helps Sasha relax. It’s pretty obvious that Sasha is having some personal issues, but Michelle has the same sort of independent spirit that Sasha needs.

When Michelle finally gets “home,” she pours some wine and explains to Fanny that she’ll move into the guest house and Fanny can live in the regular house. And that’s as far as she’s gotten, but in the meantime, the both of them are getting super drunk. And that’s that.

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Bunheads (ABC Family) stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Emma Dumont, Bailey Buntain and Julia Goldani Telles.