How can you dress like those Bunheads girls? Find out inside!


Michelle Simms Style (Sutton Foster) – In a conference call that Small Screen Scoop took part of, Sutton Foster talked about the fashion we’ll being seeing on Michelle. She said that “The thing about a dancer’s life is usually it’s about comfort, and because as dancers you’re wearing tights and you’re in like tight costumes or your feet are shoved into weird shoes—so when I was talking with Brenda—who’s our wardrobe supervisor—and we were like, ‘Michelle should be comfortable.’” But don’t expect everything to be boring. Sutton said there’s some of Vegas with Michelle. But yet, she’s a Vegas girl. Most if it will be casual, however.. “I wear a lot of flowy, comfortable tops, cute jeans. I rock a lot of TOMS. She’s pretty natural and laid back, very easy-going, but really natural.” We don’t see a ton of prints on her, she sticks to solid colors, and a lot of blues.

We’ve seen Michelle wearing jeans and jean capris, paired with either plain or funky printed t-shirts. When she’s in mourning for Hubbell, she was wearing chunky sweaters. To dress like Michelle Simms, you have to think about what you’re comfortable wearing.

Fanny Flowers Style (Kelly Bishop)  – To dress like Fanny Flowers you’ll be looking for pretty, printed shawls or ponchos to layer over tops.

Truly Stone Style (Stacey Oristano) – She’s such a cute-yet-frustrating character, isn’t she? To help Michelle move, she’s dressed totally for the part with braids that have little white bows. She’s a small town girl, and she dresses casual and sweet.

Sasha Torres Style  ( Julia Goldani Telles) – To dress like Sasha Torres, you’ll wear layered, cut-off sweatshirts over body-concious leotards and patterened yoga pants. We’ve seen her wear some red, a lot of black – but there’s always an accent. Such as a black dance wrap with peach ombre on it. She’s not a prim dresser, but she is always very polished and pulled-together in a way some of her peers aren’t. Her keyword is: sleek

Julia Goldani Telles Fashion Moment: Decidedly a modern girl, she took a style moment at the 2012 Disney International Upfronts to pose with her ABC Family – er, family, in a tres chic black shift dress and a sassy updo.

Boo Jordan Style (Kaitlyn Jenkins) – To dress like Boo Jordan you’ll want to keep things girly with pink tights, a black leotard, a purple wrap skirt, and then have a gray hoodie to throw over it all. She is definitely one with a girly side, as we’ve also seen her rock lots of other hues of pink and purple. Her keyword is: sweet

Kaitlyn Jenkins Fashion Moment: Also at the 2012 Disney Int. Upfronts, she looked phenomenal. The coral-red halter dress was the perfect color to accentuate her wonderful auburn hair.

Ginny Thompson Style (Baily Buntain) – To dress like Ginny Thompson look for bold colors of blues and greens and layer everything to stay warm. She’s not traditional at all. She can be a bit messy. Her keyword is: fun

Bailey Buntain Fashion Moment: Bright blue was the perfect color for this fair-skinned beauty. Her dress was given a special touch with a statement necklace. Because she’s short, we may have suggested shortened the hem of the dress by (literally) an inch to keep the proportions as perfect as her smile.

Melanie Segal (Emma Dumont) – To dress like Melanie Segal, embrace quirky, tomboy styles by mixing up plaid flannels, wearing pants under dresses, and funky hairstyles. She does not take fashion too seriously. Her keyword is: hipster

Emma Dumont Fashion Moment: At the (you guessed it!) 2012 Disney International Upfronts she looked absolutely stunning. With her long brunette locks given a deep part and rolling waves over her bare arms, she was completely Old-Hollywood-Elegant-meets-Young-and-Fun-Disney. Her orange dress and beige sandals were a safe choice, perhaps, but it was also absolutely the right choice.

We are so glad that on the show and on the red carpet, this young Bunheads cast is never dressed overly sexy. Kudos to their respective stylists for making them all look seriously fantastic.

Bunheads Hair: Naturally, the girls all wear buns a lot of the time! Sometimes they can make it interesting, as Boo Jordan sometimes does by braiding a tiny section of her hair before putting it into a bun.

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Bunheads (ABC Family) was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. It stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Emma Dumont, Bailey Buntain, Julia Goldani Telles and Stacey Oristano.