BryanbBoy is no Jay Manuel. And that’s a bad thing.

Clockwise from top, Rob Evans, Bryanboy, Tyra Banks, Johnny Wujek and Kelly Cutrone.

Most of the model’s on America’s Next Top Model: College Edition seem none too fond of BryanBoy.

This bloggers position seems to be twofold. Like Jay Manual, Bryanboy attends the photoshoots. (But rather than offer constructive criticism, he mostly just makes the ladies nervous by watching.) He also attends the panels. Although he’s supposed to be just the voice of “social media” (that’s you) he sometimes will offer his own personal opinions as well. (No one asked you, Bryanboy!)

In the episode that aired on September 28, 2012 Yvonne Powless and Bryanboy had a fight during the shoot. “He never even speaks to me, and then apparently we’re worst enemies,” she later confessed even after they’d mended fences.

“I think he’s a brat to everyone,” said Kristen Kagay. And it does seem he creates superfluous drama. (Let’s face it, the girls in the house can do that on their own.)

Bryanboy’s real name is Bryan Grey Yambao, and he’s a fashion blogger from the Philippines. He was brought on for the reboot of the ANTM franchise to make it more popular.

Do any of the America’s Next Top Models from Cycle 19 like him? Do any of you, viewers, like him?

Joey Guerra of the Houston Chronicle has similarly given up on Bryanboy’s annoying agenda.

Are you YAY or NAY for BB?

America’s Next Top Model airs Fridays on The CW.

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