Here are the top tweets about the ‘Brooklyn 99’ episode, “Pontiac Bandit.” Featured tweets are from Stephanie Beatziz and the official Brooklyn 99 account from FOX.

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@iamstephbeatz: on tonight’s new ep: the question of whether or not the home audience can see that zit I had will finally be answered. #brooklyn99

@iamstephbeatz: east coast! new ep starts now! can you see my zit!? #brooklyn99


@Brooklyn99FOX: OK, you guys, time to choose: Mangy Carl, or Jack Peralta? You can only pick one. #brooklyn99

@TVGMOriana: I would like to marry the #Brooklyn99 writer that came up with the small dog subplot.

@marisaroffman: In case you weren’t already in love with #brooklyn99, tonight’s episode features a grown man holding puppies for a large chunk of the time.

@Brooklyn99FOX: Peralta and Diaz. 1,000 push-ups. #brooklyn99. Tonight. Be there!

@SeenbehindtheSE: Hey @ParkieMe I figured out how to best describe #brooklyn99. It’s a modern version of Barney Miller, except, just a bit funnier.

@tmvogel: Holt’s holding puppies! Boyz II Men Easter Egg! (Have I mentioned lately how much I like this show?) #Brooklyn99

@Brooklyn99FOX: The bandit may still be at large, but the #brooklyn99 is always in charge. Sleep easy, West Coast!

: Andre Braugher is so amazing on #Brooklyn99 made me want to go back and watch Homicide: Life on the Streets.

@Brooklyn99FOX: Womp womp…Retweet if you’re sad to see the end of the triple-breasted-white-suit look for Det. Peralta. #brooklyn99

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