A bitchy Britney is just what TV needed. Seriously.

I’ve never watched The X Factor before, but Britney Spears and Demi Lovato made X Factor Season 2 it seem like worth checking out. They’re both new judges this season, along with Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid.

While not a passionate fan of Spears or Lovato, I love a good comeback. I was instantly so happy of how encouraging Spears was for the talented singers. (Of course, I soon learned that she was actually a very tough judge, see below…) In Austin, her red dress was not particularly er, stylish… but Spears looked healthy and pretty good. (And I love that she was chewing gum.) Lovato didn’t totally impress me with her style choices, either. However, I loved her winged eyeliner and top bun.

Spears had comments like, “Your singing came in and it was.. it wasn’t very nice.” “You need a new teacher to teach you how to sing.” “I felt like I was listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks.” “I think you’re like Vanilla Ice meets Lauren Hull meets West Side Story.” “I don’t think you have that wow factor.” She was really challenging Cowell for being the mean one! And I LOVE this. Because here’s the thing, she wasn’t being unnecessarily unkind to people. She was just being very honest. And there are way too many fools who audition for these shows and they just want to get attention and then have the judges awkwardly dance around admitting the fact that they were awful.

Simply put, she’s entertaining and I’m glad she isn’t afraid to come across as a tough cookie.

What are your favorite Britney Spears X Factor comments and moments so far?

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