Do you notice the weight changes going on every week on Dancing with the Stars?

bristol palin weight gain

Bristol Palin Week 1

Dancing with the Stars breeds a lot of talk about weight. Kelly Osbourne notably lost weight while she was on the show. Being on Dancing with the Stars requires a lot of exercise, so the loss of weight is almost expected. As the weeks go on for season 11, it’s hard not to notice that Kyle Massey has lost weight and become leaner, and Bristol Palin has gained some more curves.

kyle massey weight loss

Kyle Massey in one of the earliest DWTS weeks.

In one of the first taped segments with Kyle Massey and Lacey, they addressed how they were going to get him eating healthy and losing weight. That was never addressed again on the show, but he hasn’t stopped. It’s been reported in an interview Massey gave to Access Hollywood that he’s actually lost 20 lbs and 8 inches off of his waist. That’s fantastic! He said, “I feel like I’m on The Biggest Loser.”

bristol palin weight gain

Bristol Palin in later weeks on DWTS

However… more of the focus seems to go to the less “chubby” female contender Bristol Palin. Many people expected her to lose weight, and are surprised to see that she has have gained some. The Immoral Minority reports that an Alaskan Doctor has said that Bristol is pregnant yet again.

kyle massey weight loss

Kyle Massey in later DWTS weeks.

Meanwhile, E In News somehow has the numbers on her weight: going from 120 to 135. Muscles weights more than fat, which could account for some of the change, yet it’s hard to deny what you see on the screen. In fact, Bristol Palin is apparently eating a lot of junk food and McDonald’s. But stress eating could explain that. She’s by no means fat. In fact, her curvy figure could be helping her relatable image.

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