Bret Michaels is one celebrity who has now re-ignited his fame via reality TV (which is usually reserved for those who aren’t relevant enough to be working on valid projects). Michaels was a contestant on NBC’s The Apprentice, and became a fan favorite who went on to win the entire thing. Things got tough when problems arose for him, including suffering a brain hemorrhage. But the 47-year-old performed at the American Idol Finale in a duet with finalist Casey James.

bret michaels ai

Michaels told a crowd in Biloxi, Mississipi that he was under consideration to replace Simon Cowell now that he’s left as an American Idol judge. A lot seems to hang on the fact of whether American Idol will go down hill now that it’s lost to original judges, or find a way to rise to the top once again. In a poll, 72% of the voters want Michaels to replace Cowell. If fans get a new judge that they are supportive of right from the start, American Idol might see a whole new, stronger reboot of the franchise in its future. Now in its bagillionth season, fans seem a tiny bit tired of American Idol. Sometimes change can be good. With Brett Michaels on the AI team, the show might find a way to blow fans minds again with the kind of excitement the first few years held.

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