Last night Breakout Kings delivered another solid episode, “Ain’t Love (50) Grand”

Not a surprise as they have been delivering week after week. But while the story was great and they had great guest stars – Josh Zuckerman (from 90210 and Kyle XY) and Jessica Tuck (True Blood) – there was one moment that made me forget the rest of the hour even existed. Yeah, it was a kind of mushy moment.

Since the show started there has been a very slow burning connection brewing between Lloyd (the ever fabulous Jimmi Simpson) and Julianne (the subtly strong Brooke Nevin). This season they have grown closer because of Lloyd using his psychology skills to help Julianne through some tough times. When I talked to co-creator Nick Santora last month he told me this would lead Lloyd developing real feelings to Julianne. And in last night’s episode those feelings became so much that Lloyd decided to lay it all out on the line and tell Julianne.

She, of course, was a little thrown and didn’t say anything in return. So he told her to not say anything, but if she felt the same, or thinks she one day could feel the same, to put a Number 2 pencil that he handed her down on his desk. A moment later she emerges from the break room and puts down…. a pen. What does it mean?

I don’t know, but Lloyd’s “she gave me a pen” reaction seemed like a subtle nod to a line from another Lloyd in one of my all-time favorite movies, Say Anything. Not sure if it was, but I mean, come on. That’s a pretty classic scene, which you can see part of about half way through this trailer…

What do you think? Will Lloyd Lowery get the girl like that Lloyd Dobler did? (Spoiler Alert? It’s not a spoiler if the movie is over 20 years old, right?!)

I don’t know, but I do know I will be tuning in to find out. Watch Breakout Kings on A&E Sunday nights at 10pm (and multiple repeats later that night….)

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae