This summer, I’m embracing ballet. And Breaking Pointe on The CW has been the perfect catalyst for my re-education.

Although I’d initially dismissed the premiere episode as clumsily edited, a couple of friends (Alix & Josh, hi!) insisted it was an amazingly fun show. That, coupled with the prodding by ambitious, active Twitter user and Ballet West star, Allison DeBona… well, I gave in once more. And after that, I was hooked.

I’ve taken ballet classes before…just barely. And I’ve always regretted that I quit. My sister went on to take pointe (color me jealous, yes) so dance never really left my radar. Even if I can’t pirouette, I still appreciate the beautiful aesthetic of dance. And I think a lot of young men and women (not to say I’m so young, I’m nearly 30) can also appreciate this art form. Which is why I am so proud that The CW put this on their summer schedule.

I promise that you won’t be intimidated, you’ll find that you actually want to do research, and soon you’ll become enveloped into all things ballet (you guys know I’m already a massive fan of Bunheads on ABC Family – but this new obsession does not stop there, oh no).

Another great aspect to the show is how interactive it gets with some of the stars live-tweeting along with the show. You can reach out to Allison DeBona, Ronnie Underwood, Katie Martin, Christiana Bennett, Beckanne Sisk, and Rex Tilton all on Twitter.

Among a scad of reality shows that show nothing more than kids getting wasted, this is a show that promotes the arts, responsibility, and shows the rewards of working hard. That is reason enough to encourage teenagers to watch this TV show.  You should never underestimate the impact of pop culture role models on modern youth. These avenues and healthy outlets need to be called attention to so that people can be inspired. (And you will be inspired.)

I definitely think there should be a second season of Breaking Pointe. In the mean time, check out this show! It airs Thursdays at 8 pm EST on The CW.

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Here are some Breaking Pointe Pictures that you might want to pin on your pinterest!

adrian fry

Dancer Adrian Fry

allison debona

Dancer Allison DeBona

allison debona

allison debona

allison debona

beckanne sisk

Dancer Beckanne Sisk

beckanne sisk

beckanne sisk

beckanne sisk

ronnie underwood

Dancer Ronnie Underwood

christiana bennett

Dancer Christiana Bennett

breaking pointe

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