Balletomane! How’s that for a new word? It means “ballet fan.” Which we all are, I’d imagine. Otherwise, how’d you end up on this recap of Breaking Pointe?!

I honestly cannot wait for Breaking Pointe Season 3. I need to work on this patience thing, since that means waiting until next summer. I AM NOT FEELING PATIENT YET.

I honestly cannot wait for Breaking Pointe Season 3. I need to work on this patience thing, since that means waiting until next summer. I AM NOT FEELING PATIENT YET.

“The estate there in Malibu, was an amazing pad. I wish I could live there… I would be the pool boy. Like, let me clean your pool.” – Ronnie Underwood

Breaking Pointe Season 2 Finale Recap

I’ve always loved ballet, and I’ve always loved TV (especially Saturday Morning Cartoons in the 90’s – that was my jam) so loving Breaking Pointe has always been a fact for me. After all, you get to watch graceful dancers, have a peek into what it means to actually be a professional ballerina, and there’s even some DRAMZ. All in all, I think that “The Story of Us” season 2 finale was the best episode of Breaking Pointe so far.

Let’s talk about everyone we saw, yes?

Adam Sklute – There was one talking head moment where I really felt like he was a puppetmaster again, but – duh, as a director he has to have plans for people, so it’s a little less creepy when I think about it that way. If anything, I think that in season 3 we should learn more about Sklute’s background and personal life. How did he get to where he is, who is he married to? Does he have kids? Does he eat carbs? Does he think that the re-vamping of Angelina Ballerina’s image was wrong? (I do.) THESE ARE JUST THINGS I LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT PEOPLE.

Allison DeBona – Okay, where to begin?! She was really the star of this season when it came to who to spotlight. When Jonathan never came to support her, she saw that he was being selfish, and he wasn’t right for her. I’m sure this was tough to process, but I think that when she had that realization it also clicked in and she felt enlightened about … a ton. Like, Rex has always been there for her, and she actually took him for granted, and… yes, she would like to be with him again. Her dance with him (Pas de Deux of…something!) was intense and I think doing a dance like that would be hard to do in that situation. But she was professional (as was Rex) and the performance shined. I do think that the editor of this episode kind of screwed up, though… I felt like we knew Allison’s decision after the first 20 minutes, and then around 35 minutes in they tried to make us think we didn’t really know where she stood. Well, she decided to stay with her passion and dream, and also with Rex. He is someone who has shown, through actions, that he does care about her. Jonathan just talked a good game. Blargh! WAY TO LET AMERICA DOWN, JONATHAN.

Rex Tilton – As much as I want Allison and Rex to find happiness together, I also love the sweet agony of waiting. It’s always the best part of any movie. The “will they/won’t they” of it all! Rex said he knew about Allison’s feelings for him, which seemed odd because … she hasn’t said anything and they didn’t show us her flirting with him or something. But, okay, he knows. And he keeps talking about how he won’t ever just take her back instantly or without time. I do believe in taking things slow so that things can be sorted out. But I don’t like the idea of anyone holding something over another by using their power to dictate the way something should go, just because they like having the control for once. Hopefully, that’s not what he’s feeling.

Ronnie Underwood – I think the recap said he had a girlfriend, and maybe it was Silver? I actually got the idea that he had a THANG for Beckanne during the finale. Honestly? I could get behind that. He’s the older, seasoned dancer with abs for days and a bummer of an injury that takes him off-track. She’s the beautiful, young ingenue (heh, spellcheck wanted to change this to “linguine”) with a fiery spirit, and a talent so good she’s already one of the stars of the company… it’s perfect! I would totally watch that movie. I would cast Jason Dohring and Lily Collins.  And….yup, let’s get that made!

Beckanne Sisk – I loved seeing her do a solo in California. She really has powerful legs, and I love watching her dance. I wonder what plans Adam has for her. Is it years of experience that a dancer needs before promoting them? Or, if you have a natural talent that shines, do you ever just promote them more rapidly?

Christopher Rudd– In the opening of the show, he said something about the “donor trip” but I completely thought he said “stoner trip.” That made me smile. However, I feel a bit cold towards him… maybe it’s because he hasn’t really shown as much emotion about the whole separation.

Christiana Bennett – We didn’t always know a lot of what was going on with her and Chris, but as soon as we seemed to realize things were serious, they were separating. And now, in the time since, they’ve gotten divorced. That’s sad. And it has to be awkward to still be working at the same place. I really respect Christiana, and have liked getting to know her more via this season.

Joshua Whitehead – I like him, but I fear that he’ll never have major storylines for the show, and instead just be someone the other people talk to. I don’t think we should dismiss his talent. But I also don’t think we should spotlight him just because of his race.

Zachary Prentice – I can’t stand this kid. I also think it was DRAMATICALLY HILARIOUS that he was standing in a window, watching Ian leave Ballet West. It seemed very gloaty. And I don’t like people who gloat.

Ian Tanzer – I will miss him, because I still think he deserved a spot at Ballet West over Zach.

Silver Barkes – Did I miss an episode, or was she basically never on the show even though they added her to the core cast? I do not take to her… because she’s loud, and sometimes annoying, and her voice is all high-pitched and disruptive. Did they add her only because she was living with Ronnie? But why bring her to California? She wasn’t dancing, it just seemed pointless.

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