With three new series regulars who are the most annoying reality show faces ever… you need to check this show out again.

breaking pointe season 2

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The CW’s Breaking Point returned last night, July 22nd at 9 pm ET.  For those needing a refresher: the series follows the dancers at Ballet West.  And there’s DRAAAAAAMA.

Adam Sklute

Aside from his unusual last name, there’s not much to say about him. He’s bringing us “Cinderella” this year. Seems fun! And I bet he’s making much more money from all this free publicity, which means he’s smart.

Christopher Ruud

I’d really love to know why everyone refers to him by both his first and last name. As far as I can tell, he’s asked everyone to include his last name because he’s ambitious and wants some fame or a better job or something.

He’s married to prima ballerina Christiana Bennett, but working too many hours right now.

Ronnie Underwood

This first soloist has a broken foot…in five places. Which is hell for his career and future.  Will he be able to dance again, who knows.  It’s pretty devastating, and the doctors seemed to be playing up to the cameras (hopefully) as they told him as much. He might not even walk again? Crap! I’d cry in a corner for hours. Or start to develop a new hobby that let me sit down…uh…maybe he could play Poker? Then he could be rich and make his own ballet studio! See, I should be his life coach.

Christiana Bennett

A skilled principal, she comes across as very snotty at all times. I wish she’d kind of …relax? Yea, relax! She’s the best choice for Cinderella on paper, especially as she’s one of the principals. It’d be fun to see how she reacts if a younger dancer nabs that role.

I’m wondering if she’s a better dancer than her husband, because I can almost sense that he (Ruud) is jealous of her and jealous of who she dances with… it’s an odd dynamic.

Allison DeBona

I like her! I do. Even though I think her head has swelled because of Rex’s devotion to her every waking moment. Also, I think she’s a deadringer for Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisaro. What do you think? Anyway… This demi-soloist is preparing to give up her career for the love of her life. Last season, she tried to make things work with Rex Tilton. Speaking of… one sec! We have to talk more about how Allison is going to possibly leave her career for the guy she’s truly in love with. I’m a feminist, and on paper I’d hate for anyone to leave their job and passion for another person… however… Allison seems really in love with this guy, and he can’t seem to leave where he is. I do wonder if he’d give up his job for her… because if not… I don’t know. You never want to end up feeling like you gave up something great for someone you might resent later. For now, I’m into the fairytale of it all.

christiana bennett

BREAKING POINTE – Pictured: Christiana Bennet –
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Rex Tilton

Forget about his dancing right now, this fellow demi-soloist of DeBona’s basically worships her and was in love with her. All we know about him is that he let Allison treat him like crap last year. And this year he’s claiming he’s over her. But is he? Things are awkward with him and Allison. On the good side for him, he’s very cute and a good dancer… hopefully he can find love in a new place.

Beckanne Sisk

I am so worried that being so beautiful, so young, and so talented at dance is going to turn her into a diva. Last season, she was sweet and a bit of an outcast. This season? She’s got a boyfriend and is indulging in more drama. I admit that I’d love to see her as Cinderella. I also want her to stop indulging the annoying Zachary Prentice when it comes to her relationship with Chase. He’s clearly not the best boyfriend for her.

Joshua Whitehead

If you can’t remember who he is, it’s because he’s a good dancer who isn’t interested in reality TV show drama. But they’ve included him because he’s the only black dancer at Ballet West or Ballet West II.

Silver Barkes

She’s back as a ‘guest dancer’ which seems to mean, she didn’t want to miss out on her chance to be on TV! She’s loud, brash, and annoying. Let go from Ballet West two years ago to make room for new blood, she’s back… for…who knows why, when I’d be much more interested in learning about the other principals in Ballet West. (If one of them would rightfully win the role of Cinderella, would they be denied it so that the drama can be with one of the girls on the show?) She’ll bring drama, that’s for sure. (Don’t be so loud, man!)

Zachary Prentice and Ian Tanzer 

They are both in Ballet West 2, and hoping to get the same spot in Ballet West. Zachary is a catty, drama-obsessed, annoying narcissist. Oh, and he’s a dancer. Ian is equally prissy, but not as annoying. We can make fun of them endlessly, and I don’t even feel bad about it because they both went on this show knowing what they were getting into. They’re willingly letting themselves be exploited, so I will give my honest assessment: they’re f***ing awful! They’re gay reality show fodder. Ugh. Fulfilling stereotypes and trying to get Andy Cohen’s attention, for sure.

Breaking Pointe season 2 airs Mondays on The CW.

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