Breaking Pointe pictures include Allison DeBona, Beckanne Sisk, Ballet West Dancers Pictures, Christiana Bennett, Christopher Rudd, Katherine Lawrence, Michael Bearden, Tom Mattingtly.

allison debona

Her legs are so… tiny! She looks like a marionette. But a really pretty, French one, or something.

ballet west

The colors are kind of drab, but the costumes up-close are fantastic here.

breaking pointe

I’m less impressed with these green costumes.

beckanne sisk

Major tutu action is going on.

Floating on a feather, or something. Blah blah, it’s a pretty picture.

beckanne sisk

Real ballet shoes end up looking way more busted than that.

beckanne sisk

Time for pain!

beckanne sisk

This girl is adorable! Ya hear?

breaking pointe

Meanwhile, she looks a little less friendly. Though, to be fair, she’s concentrating.

breaking pointe cw

Just stretching and leaning and looking awesome? I do that all the time.

beckanne sisk

I feel like the caption should be: TA DAAA!

breaking pointe pictures

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

christiana bennet

For some reason I think of Sansa from Game of Thrones.

breaking pointe

This is a great picture.

christiana bennet

Shoe fixing time.

christopher rudd


michael bearden


katherine lawrence

Graceful arms.

ronnie underwood

Geez oh man. That is power!

tom mattingly

Obviously he is handsome. And he looks a bit like Sylar aka Zachary Quinto.

Erik Ostling/The CW