Keep your Napoleon wigs on! Here are my (sometimes frustrated) thoughts on the season 2 penultimate episode of The CW’s Breaking Pointe. Take a look, and see if our thoughts match-up.

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BREAKING POINTE – Pictured (L-R): Rex Tilton and Christiana Bennet

Breaking Pointe Season 2 – Live Recap Style

I really found that I liked Christiana (Bennett) much more this season of Breaking Pointe. A s she opened up about her marriage and her difficulties with stress she was vulnerable and real. I could relate to her, even her drive for her perfection. (Hell, especially her drive for perfection.)

I was proud of Allison (DeBona) for saying she was done with Jonathan. Is she, though? I AM truly caught up in this reality show love story.

Will Rex (Tilton) get his promotion? He’s under so much stress in having to dance while thinking of it. Maybe Adam Sklute thinks that’ll make him dance better? I know everyone says we perform at our best under pressure, but I don’t think that’s actually true.

Closing night was suddenly upon us, and everyone had stresses. THEY ALL NEEDED BOOZE AND MASSAGES. That’s what Ballet West needs, not those pesky donations!

“I want him to take his career seriously and never sacrifice that for me.” – Beckanne, on Chase

Katie was back to advise Beckanne (Sisk) about her relationship with Chase. “It’s just our world, and it’s hard.” If Chase leaves, it doesn’t seem like Beckanne is sure they should stay together.

Josh’s wrap-up conversation is happening already, which means he’s probably not getting much more screen time in the finale. Will we see much of him in Breaking Point Season 3? He didn’t have a ton of drama for The CW to work with, which is good for his life, of course. It’s just not the bread and butter of reality TV.

“If I don’t get promoted, I would like to be out of here.” – Rex

Oh, there’s more for Josh (Whitehead)! With his Mom, even. That’s sweet. Josh is actually eating the food, doesn’t he know The Bachelor / The Bachelorette unspoken rule that you always ignore your amazing dinner and make polite small talk instead? Heh.

breaking pointe season 3

Stress was everywhere this season. Photo: The CW

I never, ever warmed up to Zach (Prentice.) I find him whiny and needy.

“It’s closing night, and I’m mostly thinking about my last performance. I want it to be the best I can do.” – Allison

Allison might still have a thing for Rex. But maybe not. Either way, they have a sweet friendship. It’s hard to tell if he’s going to measure up as more than he was before, in her eyes. Are they right for each other? Who knows. I’m not even sure they know!

“What a princely thing to do.” – Allison, on Rex

We did get more about Josh and his Mother in this episode. But it came across as disingenuous of the show to ignore him until the finale, and then remind us that they have one of the rare black ballet dancer’s ‘featured’ here. Give me a break. He’s a sweet guy, but his story didn’t have enough of the DRAMZ for the season. I feel doubtful we’ll see him in season 3.

After all of that stress, it’s time to let down the bun’s and party. And it’s also time for Adam Sklute to collect money from rich, old women who wear fur hats and pearls. Schmooze, schmooze!

Spotted: Allison and Rex, looking pretty close and awfully smiley. And is that a flirty arm draped around our heroine?

“Feeling like you’re dying from a broken heart. I’ll change you.” – Chris

Next, Christiana has to think about her marriage, and if she wants to be in it. And, whoa, she’s moved into her own apartment. So, things are really bad with her and Chris. Do you think that’s why Christiana smartly said she wouldn’t talk to Chris during her work, because she didn’t want the show to overshadow her ballet work and focus juts on her personal relationship? I respect that a lot.

“Now, I need to find myself again.”  Christiana

We found out that Chase is staying at Ballet West, and so Beckanne and Chase will continue dating.

Now, Adam is giving Rex a difficult intro to a meeting where he may or may not get a promotion. Adam loves doing these fake-out’s where he pretends to be letting them down and then gives them good news. And, look – Rex agrees…

“I don’t know Adam’s reasoning for making me feel like I wasn’t getting the promotion… but uh, I’ll take the promotion.” – Rex

Meanwhile, Adam is in his oddly decorated office going “DANCE FOR ME PUPPETS, DANCE!”

And that’s exactly what they’ll do. Because, well, it’s their job.

“It’s the scariest thing Iv’e done. But this is what need’s to happen now.” – Christiana

Adam is taking a small group of people to L.A. Which ruins Christiana’s plans. And will Beckanne be too sad to be without Chase? They’re all gonna live in a house together?

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