Could experience win out over eagerness? Let’s see. The Voice 2013 had more battles tonight. First up, we had two people that Shakira was training.

The Voice 2013

The Voice 2013

Brandon Roush VS Shawna P. – Team Shakira
Song “Piece of my Heart” Janis Joplan

“You are both intense singers,” Shakira said. And they really are. But Brandon struggled in finding his place in the song.

“The one who’s gonna win this battle is gonna be the one who connects to the sentiment of the song,” – Shakira

“I think I could definitely win this.” – Brandon Roush

Shakira said Shawna had to work on expressing emotion through the song.

Meanwhile, Shawna was pretty concerned about her age. She didn’t want to loose to a 19-year-old.

Carson Daly called it a battle of “Youth vs experience.”

Shawna reminded us she’s toured with Big & Rich. Brandon reminded us he’s doing this for the kids he works with. But only one could win.

I was confused by the styling choices. Brandon wore red pants, a vest over a jean top and a red bowler hat. Meanwhile, Shawna wore a velour caftan and piles of hammered silver jewelry.

The Results

“Blake Shelton used to have your exact haircut.” – Adam Levine

“I took notice of this raspy tone that was like Joe Cocker. …I have to commend both of you for giving me two different experiences…” – Usher

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man sing a Janis Joplan song so well.” – Shakira

“I feel like I have eagerness on one side, and experience on the other.” – Shakira

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The winner of the battle

Shawna P.